2018-19 Supply Lists

2018-19 Supply Lists
Posted on 04/25/2018
Supply Lists

SCHOOL SUPPLIES  FOR 2018-2019 (Grades K-6)

The website set up by our PTG, www.1stDaySchoolSupplies.com is open for orders.  Click on the website provided above, enter Seventh Avenue Elementary School’s zip code (08035) and then select our school.  You may place supply orders for next year by June 30, 2018. (flyer attached below)  These items will then be waiting for your child on the first day of school, in their classroom.

If you decide not to purchase through PTG, you may still view/print the supply list for the class you need.  

or, print from below
Kindergarten Supply List 2018-2019.docx
First Grade Suply List 2018-2019.docx
Second Grade Supply List 2018-2019.docx
Third Grade Supply List 2018-2019.docx
Fourth Grade Supply List 2018-2019.pdf
Fifth Grade Supply List 2018-2019.docx
Sixth Grade Supply List 2018-2019.docx
7th Grade Supply List.pdf
7th Grade Summer Reading.pdf