Character Kid of the Month

September - Citizenship (pride)
Kindergarten - Nora Maguire and Kayden Caraballo
1st Grade - Julian Enuco and Madeline Lapin
2nd Grade - Audrey Yuhaze and Tyler Margerum
3rd Grade - Ben Zonies and Madeline Karns
4th Grade - Nolan Doyle and Maddie Murphy
5th Grade - Celena Santiago and Ezra Weber
6th Grade - Kieran Ning and Emma Harris

October - Respect (self-control, acceptance)

November - Responsibility (at home and at school, personal responsibility)
December - Kindness (manners, giving, generosity, gratitude)

January - Perseverance

February - Fairness
March - Honesty (integrity, trustworthiness)

April - Caring/ Empathy

May - Teamwork (communication)

June- Leadership (assertiveness)